About Us

An engineering team with big dreams working from a tiny house

Brad Grissom

I'm Brad Grissom and I started stickLabs with the goal of making products easier to use by using NFC technology. I have been obsessed with Linux since 1998 and I'm a big believer in Open Source technologies. I have been writing software and creating custom electronics since 2001. I have worked on projects from embedded Linux sensors on a glacier in Valdez Alaska, to room-sized ink-jet printers, to custom digital billboards on the side of highways.

Max Sawyer

Meet Max, a driven computer science and physics student from the UK, currently pursuing a degree in electrical engineering.

Proficient in Python, Java, and JavaScript, Max seamlessly blends programming expertise with hands-on experience in circuits and electrical components.

Beyond academia, Max's entrepreneurial spirit shines through his venture capital research, underscoring his commitment to innovation. With a keen eye for sales and marketing, Max propels our startup forward, ensuring our electronic locks not only meet but exceed expectations.

Colin Thompson

Colin is a Electrical Engineering major at Colorado School of Mines. Colin is truly multi-talented with the ability to jump into custom electronics prototyping, embedded C code, Android Java apps and even custom-built mechanical test jigs. With a supernatural gift for understanding 3D printers, Colin naturally arose to become the local 3D printing guru.