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StickerLock Unlocks with a Sticker on your Phone (Black color)

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  • Contact us for quantity discounts or wholesale relationships (or demo units).
  • Electronic lock that unlocks with a sticker on your phone.
  • Easily add and remove access stickers using physical Master, Add, and Remove sticks.
  • Remove access even if the sticker or card is lost or stolen (via a backup sticker)./li "
  • Get rid of keys on all the interior doors: Quit paying high locksmith rates to re-key locks.
  • Affordable access badge system: No need for apps or a cloud subscription.
  • Manage many locks using the copy and paste sticks.
  • Timed unlocks: Unlock for 8 hours using the "8hr Unlock" stick. Available in 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, and 18 hour unlock sticks.
  • Integrate with existing prox (125kHz) access systems by adding a sticker on your existing badge.
  • Integrate with existing NFC card access systems directly (Master -> Add -> NFC card)
  • Fits right-hand or left-hand doors.
  • Takes 4 AA batteries.
  • Incredible battery life: 9 years at 4 unlocks/day, 4 years at 48 unlocks/day
  • USB micro connector on the exterior to power the lock in case batteries are dead./li
  • Includes 2 physical keys that are unique to each lock.

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