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Contact us for quantity discounts or wholesale relationships (or demo units).

The "standard" stickerbook comes with User stickers that are small and can stick to your phone.  Because we support almost any type of NFC sticker or tag, let us know if you'd like a stickerbook populated with another type of NFC sticker or tag.  We have to prepare these at the factory because each User sticker has its own Admin sticker.


A "standard" stickerbook contains:

  • 8 User stickers that stick to your phone (15mm)
  • 8 User stickers that can be used on plastic cards and badges (32mm)
  • 4 User hang tags that can be used on keyrings.
  • 1 set of : Master, Add, and Remove sticks
  • 1 Battery stick to check battery life
  • 1 "Factory Reset" card
  • Infographic and FAQ pages for all major functions.


Notice that Copy/Paste/USB sticks are sold separately.